This site was designed to provide community information to the property owners, residents, potential buyers and real estate professionals representing buyers and sellers in the Hancock County Indiana Community of Keystone. Keystone is a 400+ lot single-family neighborhood in Greenfield, Indiana. It is conveniently located off of McKenzie Road, East of State Road 9. This website presents online access to new and up-to-date information, as well as interesting activities for all residents of Keystone, HOA.

All the things you need to know to live happily in our neighborhood! If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us for help. (317) 682-0571

What do your neighbors think about Your HOA Community Management Company?

  • I will start out by saying, I am one of their vendors, but whenever I need information on a property, or an issue arises, Your HOA is quick on their response! They try their best and manage to have peaceful solutions, even when homeowners aren’t always cooperative.


  • Great local company with local people! They are quick to respond and thorough with their follow up. I’m glad our neighborhood works with Your HOA Community Management and would recommend using them too!!


  • I just recently got voted on to the board in my neighborhood. I am self employed, have 3 busy children (9,6, and 10 mo.) and was worried about this requiring a lot of extra time and neighbors being upset. However, Your HOA has made the process so seamless. We, the board, are listened to and treated with respect and kindness. I feel very informed and am helping my community stay in good shape. Your HOA handles all communication and transactions with vendors. This frees us to make decisions that benefit the community. I am very happy our neighbors hired them to help us get back to having a board!